All work will be scheduled and agreed upon in advance. We will follow this schedule with work broken down into quadrants to gage the speed of project completion so you can expect work to be done on time, every time.

Call us now at 718.709.7999 to have one of our estimators drive out to you today! Once the estimator competes their assessment of your property, including the scope of work and materials needed, they will get back to you within 24 hours with a proposal. Once the proposal is approved, GT Builders will make a commitment to be available on the date you provided and begin your project.

A job done right is just as important as a job safely done, that’s why we greatly reduce risk by ensuring proper safety precautions are met with daily inspections. Following proper protocol along with ensuring the jobsite is completely clean and safe is our policy. We promise to maintain a safe, green, and clean jobsite through every phase of our project.

Yes, as part of our general agreement, a project manager will be on site during scheduled work hours. Rest assured you having nothing to worry about with our project managers on the job.

We follow a strict safety protocol so injuries will be minimal, however in the rare event that someone is injured, GT Builders carries Workmans Compensation that generally covers these rare occasions.

We are fully licensed and carry insurance that covers all scopes of our work.

We accept all major credit cards as well as cashiers checks and money orders.

This varies depending on the project, however the standard is 50% upfront and remainder broken down by phases until completion via a pre-negotiated payment schedule.

We understand that some projects may not always be crystal clear until the walls are opened up, but in any case, we will communicate well and quickly provide our clients with a change order, in writing, before any work will be done in order to ensure high satisfaction.